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Run a Holesky node

This guide will help you get a Holesky archive node up and running.


  • Docker is installed and running.
  • Git is installed.
  • If using Windows, you should install Git BASH or WSL to use as your terminal.


1. Clone eth-docker

Terminal window
git clone
cd eth-docker

2. Do the eth-docker quickstart config

Complete the eth-docker quickstart. You will need to run the config command:

Terminal window
./ethd config

Make sure to enable Grafana dashboards.

3. Expose RPC ports

To expose the node’s RPC ports (for a Taiko node to make calls to it), you can append el-shared.yml to the list of files in the COMPOSE_FILE variable in your .env file:


Keep in mind this is not encrypted, so you should not expose it to the internet. eth-docker offers a few other options that you can read about here.

4. Enable archive node

Also in the .env file, set the value ARCHIVE_NODE to true:


5. Start Docker containers

Terminal window
./ethd up

6. Check your node is running properly

You can visit the Grafana dashboard which should be running on localhost:3000 to verify if your node is running correctly. You should see the chain head increasing.

Video tutorial

See Run a Sepolia L1 archive node (YouTube), the only difference is you need to select Holesky testnet.