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Enable a proposer


Using simple-taiko-node

  1. First, you will need to have a prover from the community marketplace or run your own SGX prover.

  2. You MUST set PROVER_ENDPOINTS in simple-taiko-node .env file to the your SGX prover’s endpoint or one from the marketplace. If you do not set it and leave it default while not running a prover, your proposer will not work.

  3. Next, set the L1_PROPOSER_PRIVATE_KEY to an L1 account’s private key which will send the Propose Block transactions.

  4. Then, set the L2_SUGGESTED_FEE_RECIPIENT to an L2 account’s public key that will receive the fee.

  5. Finally set ENABLE_PROPOSER to true in simple-taiko-node .env.

  6. Set COMPOSE_PROFILES=proposer or add proposer to the list.

  7. Now that the proposer is configured properly, you can run it with docker compose up -d!